Excel Productivity Hacks: How I Finish Projects In Minutes

Go from struggle with Excel files to high productivity which will help you get a promotion or a better job. Enroll now!

Course Description

In my course you will see how I use basic and advanced Excel functionality while working on spreadsheets, so you will learn and apply the same techniques in your work and finish projects much faster and easier - like I do. It is essential to work quickly in a fast pace business environment.
If You Use Excel At Work And Find Yourself Struggling And Hating It, This Course Is For You.
  • Learn my best tips
  • Apply to your Excel projects
  • End your struggle with Excel
Each video will address 2-3 Excel options I use every day to finish projects fast.
Ever wonder how other people always meet their Excel projects deadlines?
For $49 I will teach how to you work lightning fast in Excel in 60 minutes.
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There are 11 videos in this course. Each of them is a screen cast video. You will watch me perform tasks on my screen as if looking over my shoulder.
My videos are short, direct, with clear explanation of techniques. I will not explain what Excel is, or what rows, columns and cells are. You will learn the most efficient ways of doing your every day boring tasks and will become an Excel rock star.

What are the requirements?

  • A computer with Microsoft Excel installed on it
  • A set of ear phones

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 13 lectures and 1 hour of content!
  • Choose the right trick to do Excel projects in minutes.

What is the target audience?

  • This Excel course is meant for people spending hours doing work in their Excel projects manually and hating it. This course is probably not for you if you already do your work in Excel in minutes.


How To Contact Me If You Wish To Talk To Me In Private
Section 1: Crucial For Productivity But Often Overlooked Options In Basic Excel Training
How To Make Your Spreadsheets Look Exactly The Same On Any Computer - Even Text 
These Tips Help You Always Know Where Formulas Are & Free Up 1/3 Of Your Screen 
Fast Way To Analyse Excel Table. Search For Tabs You Need Quickly - No Scrolling 
Section 2: These Time Saving Tips Will Save You Hours Of Work On Your Excel Projects
How To Make Exact Copy Of Your Spreadsheet In Two Clicks - No Formatting Needed 
How To Instantly Know Where You Stopped. Work In Two Files - No Screen Flipping. 
An Easy Way To Paste Columns Into Rows. Keep Calculations Results Always Right. 
Change Thousands of Numbers In Two Clicks. Work In Two Tabs - Easy And Fast. 
What You Need To Do If Numbers You Need Excel To Calculate Are In .TXT File.
Section 3: Excel Formulas: Your Best Tools For Productivity & Meeting Deadlines Every Time
Easy Way To Make An Excel Summary Of Numbers From A .TXT File Or Word Document. 
Sometimes You Need To Combine Two Columns Into One – Learn To Do It Fast. 
How To Make Excel Add Up Cells Only In Some Rows In Your Excel Table Or Log. 
Now Is The Time To Put Everything You've Learned To Practice 

Instructor Biography

Larissa Fontenot , US Tax Advisor, Excel Productivity Trainer, Udemy Instructor
First of all, let me acknowledge you for looking online trying to learn things which will improve your life. So many people just spend their time in front on TV, but not you. You are searching for the ways to make your life better.
I am Larissa Fontenot. I am originally from Russia, moved to the US in 2000.
I have 4 years of experience doing taxes for clients who are self employed, with home ownership, purchase, or sale, real estate rentals or vacation homes, ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) application, health care expenses (e.g. medical, dental), charitable giving, military, investment/stock options,clergy, tax planning.
After having done hundreds of returns in the retail office at a big household name company and additional 173 hours of continues training (63 hours of which were in class), I have created US Taxes courses to help you see the forest behind the trees – the big picture that comes together like a puzzle out of all details of your financial situation.
As complicated as tax code is, I still can explain fundamental concepts to you in layperson language, so you can learn to confidently do your taxes yourself.
I can promise you, that it is quite possible to understand what goes into the calculation of your tax liability and take the mystery out of tax preparation: short 7 years ago I decided to make some extra money doing tax returns from people because I'd just gone through a divorce and had never done my taxes myself, as I am originally from Russia, and my American husband always took our tax paperwork to H & R Block. That's exactly why I looked into this company for extra work - little did I know, they had training available! So I successfully graduated from that training course after over 130 hours in class training and dozens of practice case studies done.
I am positive, I can teach you how to do your own taxes yourself correctly too. Thank you for checking out my courses!
I also enjoy teaching Excel productivity hacks. At my job they call me 'Excel Queen'.
I learned everything I know in Excel while working on projects for my jobs since September 1997. From creating graphs for engineers back in Russia, to doing sales analysis for a Consumer Packaged Goods company in the US - I enjoy my Excel projects as they provide challenge to learn more and improve my skills.
The more I learned Excel, the better paying jobs I had. The company I work for regularly sends me to run Excel training sessions in different parts of Southeast US for groups of sales managers. Now I conduct Excel training for the company in class and via webinars.
Teaching is the second nature to me as I graduated from Perm State Humanitarian Pedagogical University (PSHPU) in Russia, which trains students how to be teachers.
I enjoy showing people how they can do the same amount of work in Excel they spend hours, and sometimes days doing, in just minutes. My Excel course came to life because I want more people to work in Excel more efficiently, be less tired at the end of the day so that their families can enjoy them, and they too can enjoy spending time with their loved ones and not be tired of fighting with software which in fact, can be their friend and do their work for them.
I am looking forward to answering the questions you have in discussion forum.
Your success is my goal!